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Welcome to Monsoon Canvas – the online Indian art gallery

Since our inception Monsoon Canvas has always focused on promoting quality art and artists online. Our close interactions with the artists enable us to provide you with a more invigorating art experience, as we spend many hours with our artists to understand their motivations and their muses. We believe fathoming the deeper emotions that goes into an artwork, breathes life into it.

Monsoon Canvas brings you the best of modern, contemporary and emerging art from India. We hope you enjoy our cherry-picked and exquisite online gallery painting collection. Enjoy the moment. You are always welcome to contact us on any matters of art.
Our curator likes to spread the word on art, so here are some articles that he has compiled to provide, you the Patrons, some insider details on various artists and artworks.

New Arrivals

Sunita Anand Rao

Pintu Biswas